Tuesday, December 13, 2005

where my heart lies

Thanks to caskared for these links. (Caskared:I hope you don't mind being referred to by that particular handle - if so, let me know and I can change it in the blink of an eye.) I was recently knocked sideways by the strength of feeling induced in me by the sight of the cement works swathed in fog as my train drew in to Rugby station. They probably shouldn't be burning tyres there. But they certainly shouldn't be on a list of the ten worst buildings in the UK. Odd list, this - almost every one a wonder, seems to me.


dubey said...

fame at last. christian P is to blame/thank for the nomination, I think,
I never noticed it as a kid, though it came in handy for navigation.

"It is apparently the size of a cathedral and blights Rugby, according to locals."

very careful accusations, no?

Caskared said...

"Caskared" works for me...
Ah the cement factory, I worked in the kitchens there a couple of times and actually had a little flutter of excitement as I was given a hard-hat and high-vis jacket at the gate. It felt like I'd made the big time of agency jobs, it really did.

Dubey's absoultely right about navigation, it's a giant finger pointing the way to Coombe Abbey.