Sunday, February 19, 2006

the poll

Crikey. It's been a rum couple of days for unhemmed. Let me explain (thus breaking, or at least bending, the unwritten rule that unhemmed doesn't deal in explanations). I'll try and keep it brief.

I was admiring this site a couple of days ago. The beard-poll there tickled my fancy, and I was intrigued by the promise that a simple click or two might see it reproduced on unhemmed. While setting this up, possibly coincidentally, Blogger went a bit bananas and started sending me error messages. Lo, the poll appeared, but my slapdash presentation gave the impression that research was being done into the future of my own face. For a day or two - it seemed like a lifetime - unhemmed refused to accept any alterations or new material and continued to return the pesky error messages. Meanwhile, a host of surfers (perhaps as many as one or two) cast their votes with the wrong chin in my mind. Chaos.

Happily, Blogger has got its act together this morning and I've been able to pull the misleading beard-poll. My sincere apologies to Saeed for having skewed the results of his research. There is, after all, rather a lot at stake.

1 comment:

cjmc said...

um... when you do start a poll for growth on your facial features... start with one for a mo..

I would join you in this endeavour, but, last time I brought it up in conversation with your sister, a rather large new packet of razor blades appeared the next day in the bathroom...