Tuesday, April 04, 2006

a little chit-chat, April 1819

"Last Sunday I took a Walk towards highgate and in the lane that winds by the side of Lord Mansfield's park I met Mr Green our Demonstrator in conversation with Coleridge - I joined them, after enquiring by a look whether it would be agreeable - I walked with him at his alderman-after-dinner pace for near two miles I suppose in those two Miles he broached a thousand things - let me see if I can give you a list - Nightingales, Poetry - on Poetical sensation - Metaphysics - Different genera and species of Dreams - Nightmare - a dream accompanied by a sense of touch - single and double touch - A dream related - First and second consciousness - the difference explained between will and Volition - so my metaphysicians from a want of smoking the second consciousness - Monsters - the Kraken - Mermaids - southey believes in them - southeys belief too much diluted - A Ghost story - Good morning - I heard his voice as he came towards me - I heard it as he moved away - I heard it in all the interval - if it may be called so. He was civil enough to ask me to call on him at Highgate Good Night! It looks so much like rain I shall not go to town to day; but put it off till tomorrow -"

Keats, writing to his brother George and sister-in-law Georgiana

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