Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Angelus Novus

Last night I spent, oh, let's say, more than 5 minutes trying to post a beautiful photograph of an aubergine on unhemmed. To no avail. The software consistently bailed out at the crucial moment. Shame! Could have been the start of something big. A new departure. I was even going to append a brief comic dialogue on the subject of said vegetable, spoken by two unnamed - but unforgettable - characters.

My new tack this Tuesday lunchtime involved a painting by Paul Klee called 'Angelus Novus'. You can see here the very image I was going to cheekily paste across - it would have looked lovely nestled between this paragraph and the last. Sadly, the same technical problem that first reared its ugly head last night rears yet. This minor hiccup triggered that most uncommon of events: a blog staff meeting. (And some mild confusion of tenses.) So, after a good deal of deliberation and a bit of voting, it is my very great pleasure to announce, that, for a trial period of unspecified length, unhemmed is going textual. So look out.

1 comment:

chloe said...

oh, so close to having a big purple thing

try harder