Friday, January 05, 2007

Mornington Crescent

This tremendous photo was taken by my friend Asher; many thanks to him for letting me put it up. I was very fond of these high-rises when I used to live in London. What am I saying? I'm still very fond of them. I particularly like the fact that they are colour-coded in primary colours. Also, they're sufficiently tall that you can catch sight of them from all kinds of unlikely places. I like the pigeons too, even though they're being so sinister. And I'm a sucker for the red-brown glaze of the tube station, whose centenary you might like to celebrate on 22 June. But who is it a statue of? I ought to head along to and find out ...

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Brimfulof said...

The statue is of James Cobden. It's in honour of the repeal of the Corn Laws. It was sponsored by public subscription, but the primary donor was Napoleon Bonaparte III.

I may have misremembered this slightly, but I walk past it every day, so it may well have sunk in.

A friend of ours used to work for Camden Housing Services, and he had to come up with a plan to stop the panels falling off those tower blocks in the wind. I think the coloured bands are left over from the strapping they put up then.

Lovely to have you both stay, and I'm glad you like the picture.