Friday, February 16, 2007

in which Boswell lets a gag loose & mentions one of my favourite islands (mercifully, his illustrious friend keeps schtum)

'Next morning, Thursday, March 21 [1776], we set out in a post-chaise to pursue our ramble. It was a delightful day, and we drove through Blenheim park. When I looked at the magnificent bridge built by John Duke of Marlborough, over a small rivulet, and recollected the Epigram made upon it -

'The lofty arch his high ambition shows,
The stream, an emblem of his bounty flows:'

and saw that now, by the genius of Brown, a magnificent body of water was collected, I said, 'They have drowned the Epigram.' I observed to him, while in the midst of the noble scene around us, 'You and I, Sir, have, I think, seen together the extremes of what can be seen in Britain: - the wild rough island of Mull, and Blenheim Park.''

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