Friday, March 18, 2005


This word 'ozdobny' has been bugging me. 'Podobny' means 'similar'. 'Oz' is an affectionate name for the land of Australia. I have a notion that 'ozdobny' means 'exotic', but perhaps that is just because of its exotic sound.

Alrighty. It means 'decorative'. Polish language, of you I approve.

And here's another one. 'Zaplatalem sie troche' = 'I got a little bit confused'. 'Zaplatac' (with nasal a in the middle) is the perfective of 'platac' which means 'to tangle (up)', 'to mix (up)', and when used as a reflexive verb means 'to tangle', 'to falter' and 'to hang around'.

wszystko mi sie placze = I'm all confused

jezyk mu sie placze = he can't find his tongue

I needed to say 'Zaplatalem sie troche!' to describe the worst teaching experience so far at UW, when I embarked upon a reading of Heaney's 'Broagh' that somehow transmogrified into a panicky exercise in deconstruction. The poem, I declared, was importantly unreadable, and as such was a good model for the sectarian conflict. I'm such a wally.

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