Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Penguin Book of Facts

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Jean DuBuffet. Is there a painter with a better name?

Charles Ives is there in the index, which sends us to pages 642 and (gulp) 666. On the former we discover that he was born in 1874 in Danbury, Connecticut; he died in 1954. That means that he was either 79 or 80 years of age when he logged off. There is a selection of orchestral works, reproduced below in full. On the latter we are told that in 1947 his Symphony No 3 was awarded the annual 'Pulitzer Prize in music'. Ives was the fifth composer to be so honoured.

Were Rubinstein and Horowitz fans?

And as promised that little list -

- Holidays Symphony (in the plural? where did he go?)
- The Unanswered Question (that old chestnut!)
- Central Park in the Dark (great title)
- Symphonies 1-3 (which is your favourite?)
- Variations on 'America'

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