Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Resources 001-3

001 How to go klang - you'll have to follow the links. And you'll be happy to hear that klang is not the only thing they can teach you how to go.

002 And this is the Burryman:

"On the day preceding the Queensferry Fair, the Burry Man who requires to be either a stout man or robust lad, as weakly persons, like the man in complete steel who annually sacrifices his life to the Lord Mayors Show in London, have been known to faint under the heat and fatigue of the dressing, is indued in his flannels; face, arms, and legs, body all being covered, so as nearly to resemble a man in chain amour, from the adhesion of the burrs; and the head, as well as the tops of the staves grasped with extended arms, being beautifully dressed with flowers; whilst the victim, thus accoutered, is led from door to door by two attendants who likewise assist in holding up his arms by grasping the staves. At every door in succession, a shout is raised, and the inhabitants, severally come forth, bestow there kindly greetings and donatives of money on the Burry Man who in this way collects, we believe, considerable sums of money to be eventually divided and spent at the Fair by the youth associated in this exploit." -- W. W. Fyffe, 1865

You're supposed to give him whisky as well. They (those same from whom I've borrowed the above) say that this has gone on for thousands of years.

003 I first met the Burryman just yesterday in the Paul Farley poem 'Thorns' (from his second and most recent book, The Ice Age). He also makes use of the word zareba. I had no idea the web was so hot on pronunciation.

As far as I know, Farley has never used the word 'klang'.

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