Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wakefield rocks

As of about nine hours ago, unhemmed is head over heels in love with The Research & thought maybe you might like them too.


adam said...

Jon, Jon, Jon.

Only the contemporary trim to Emma's fringe tells me this is not 1972. What were you doing on/by (in?) the water?

I'm surprised, nay, at the amount of posting you are doing. Peer stimulus being as it is stimulating I feel pricked into writing more than glib anecdotes about A&E, or dogshit. Sooo!
What is the Polska doing like?

adam said...

Fuck me you are also a Virgo. I know this in your personal specifications. When's your birthday? Plase be older than me. I can feel you pain, it's just a sprain, donb't come back again, it's three am