Sunday, May 21, 2006


tarsiers are nocturnal creatures of the Indonesian rainforests - they mainly feed on insects, such as this cicada

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Dan said...


Your mentioning of the Tarsier provides me with an opportunity to display worldy wares....

....I once went Tarsier spotting on the Indonesian Island of Buton, and saw didly squat i.e. nothing (the reason I clarfy is because I though a diddly squat sounds like it could be the name of another endemic species of pro-simian).

If I remember correctly, the guide saw one, but I saw nothing. Perhaps a diddly squat was stood in front of the Tarsier, thus blocking my view?

Fact: Tasier's have exceptionally long ring fingers. Maybe this means they can get married many times, as the muslim faith allows the local men too?