Friday, September 01, 2006


OK, so the textual revolution didn't last too long. Not to worry. Text is like, so, totally for losers. The clip below should work - if, like me, you're not a super-super-fast connection, then I advise clicking on play and then immediately on pause & then waiting patiently while the whole clip cues up. Otherwise you can only watch it piecemeal. Non sequitur alert: it has been a stupid morning, waiting for electricians; not entirely understanding them (and vice versa) when they finally show up; standing about like a lemon whilst they unscrew everything and prod their little yellow current-meter - if that's the right word - in sundry sockets. They failed to sort out the problem: more electricians on their way this afternoon. Hurrah. This cheered me up, as did the comparative form of 'awesome', as put to excellent use by my favourite exponent of joke folk.

Some vocabulary I learnt from Jacques:

rossignol = nightingale (apparently it also means 'unsaleable piece of junk', which is weird)

mome (with a wee hat on the 'o') = nice-looking young lassie

sangloter = to sob (does it have anything to do with sang = blood?)

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jolasuissesse said...

Salut Jon! Ca m'a beaucoup plu! Super. You may be as interested as I was in the following websites: - the Trésor de la langue française online, a big fat dictionary with etymologies (sangloter nowt to do with sang, sadly); and which leads you to a great dictionary of French argot, and gives an interesting and believable derivation for 'rossignol'. It has some other ideas about 'môme' too, which fit the sense of the song better (are you suggesting they've had sex changes?).
Je te mets au défi d'utiliser ces mots quand vous venez me rendre visite!