Saturday, March 17, 2007


I was excited to find out just now that the original line-up of Dinosaur Jr have made a new record (it'll be out in May).
So excited that I wanted to put
something celebratory up here. It wasn't easy - what with me being so fussy and all - finding a suitable picture. An image search for J Mascis and friends yields lots of hair, childlike scrawl, all manner of vaguely gothic stuff and guitar amps. And the young girl hitching up her slacks, cigarette in mouth, on the cover of Green Mind. I vividly remember Mark Lamarr saying that Freak Scene was his favourite record when he had a late-night show on the old Radio 5. You can hear it on their myspace page & it still sounds really good. The photo here is from the BBC website's Keeping It Peel pages, which look like a generous slice of anorak paradise. ("The top 125 Peel Sessions of all time have been selected by the people who knew John best - his family, friends, studio engineers, producers and musicians, and we've provided snippets of audio from each to ensure you get the best round-up of what made the Peel Sessions truly unique." Pity it's just snippets.)

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