Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gouldian finch

Image borrowed from this page. How did I wind up there? Well, Em and I have just been enjoying Warsaw's Noc muzeów. More than 90 museums and galleries are open into the small hours and have waived their entrance fees for one night only. You can ride between them on supercool antique buses! At the Ethnographical Museum we got down to a rousing Polish folk band with two girls singing great harmonies (the line-up included what i'll call a goatpiper, more of which in a future post perhaps). We'd hoped to hear an Australian band as well, but the hall where they were due to play was already fit to burst when we arrived and the doors were barred against us. (The last time we went to this museum we were very nearly the only people there; tonight was a real crush.) As a consolation we spent some time in the Australasia room, where most of the stuff is from Papua New Guinea. Many, many boomerangs. And some amazing photos of Aboriginal rock paintings - or rather some photos of amazing Aboriginal rock paintings. I was hoping that there would be an all-singing, all-dancing site about them somewhere on the interweb. Perhaps there is: I haven't found it yet, but I did find the finch. And what a glorious finch he is!

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