Tuesday, May 08, 2007


On Friday night I ate bibimbap, which was tasty, but not quite as tasty as its name. Bibimbap! I fondly hope that one day I'll be able to eat a more fully Korean version of the dish, so I can see how it compares with its Polish counterpart, which seemed to be missing a large number of the ingredients listed here, but was scrummy nonetheless.

I was reminded of the bibimbap by this fantastic sestina on 'Six Kinds of Noodles'.

Something from a different barrel, as they say in these parts: please note the new additions to the list of links, one of which will plug you into buildings, whilst the other mostly does sounds (though it does other things too).

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Ass Hat said...

"word up", jon baines. in keeping with my blog vocabulary: "mad props" for the link. "game recognises game". hold it down in poland, jb.